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Experience Älvsbyn

- the pearl of Norrbotten

Scenic surroundings. Forests that embraces the lakes and streams. The beautiful surroundings invites you to thrilling fishing adventures. And try climbing; the majestic Falkberget that rises in the background holds an incredible view.

This is happening in Älvsbyn

At Visit Älvsbyn you find information of what is happening during your stay. Go to the website and find events in which you want to participate!

Storforsen nature reserve

The largest unbound rapids of Northern Europe are located by route 374, 40 kilometers west of Älvsbyn. The rapid's distance is five kilometers and the drop height 82 meters. The last two kilometers the river drops 60 meters. Beside the rapids, you can see Döda fallet (the Dead Fall), giant's kettles, ravines and rare plants. Around the reserve there are ramps adapted for the disables, and you can buy a meal or a swedish fika at the restaurant. Every year, the rapids are visited by about 150,000 people.

Photo: På land och vatten

White-water rafting

For those who want a raise of heart rate, rafting is offered in the Pite River, above Storforsen. Visit the company På land och vatten and they will give you memories for life!

Photo: Frida Sandman

Ancient remains in Manjärv/Finnäset

7000 years ago, one of the northernmost bays in the Gulf of Bothnia reached all the way to Finnäset in Manjärv. At that time, the bay served as an outlet for Piteälven, and there was an island where man settled.

At Finnäset, a couple of kilometers from Manjärv, there are ancient monuments that are unique to the Nordic countries - and Europe. Here you will find an archeological trail with stone age tombs, hut bottoms, stone age settlements, hunting pits and more.

The mining site Laver

Lavergruvan is located approximately 50 kilometers west of Älvsbyn and 10 kilometers north of Nattberget along route 94.

There used to be a copper mine in Laver, which was Sweden's most modern society when it was built in 1937. For example, there was district heating, a common water and sewage system and toilets in all the houses.

As early as 1947, both the community and the mine were demolished. Today, only the foundations testify to the febrile activity that once took place.

Vitberget nature reserve

Vitberget has the landscape Norrbotten's highest peak, 594 meters above sea level. The natural forest offers a variety of environments of great importance to a variety of species, some very unusual.

The reserve is a mountain group with 6 peaks and intermediate hollows. The massif rises about 300 meters above the surroundings and the highest peak Vitbergsknacken, also called "knacken", sits on the north side, 594 meters above sea level. Here is a cottage that is open to the public and the surroundings are very nice.

Nakteberget nature reserve

Nakteberget is worthy a visit in all seasons. You can hike the marked trail to the upper Naktetjärnen, where you can fish with a fishing license.

There is a windbreak, a snowmobile trail and several fireplaces in the reserve. If you go all the way to the top, you have a wonderful view over the landscape.

The area is hilly and the height varies from about 350 meters to 560 meters above sea level. It is relatively easy to walk up to Naktetjärnen where the rest cabin is located. If you go further up to the peaks, the reserve gives a feeling of wilderness when you look out over the views.


Falkberget is a popular excursion destination for both locals and travelers. A magnificent view meets the viewer. In summer it is easiest to hike, in winter you can drive a snowmobile to get here.

From the top of the mountain you can see the village Vistträsk and the lakes that surround it. If you are going on an excursion, this is the perfect place!


Grodkällan at Slengmyren is a very popular excursion destination for the whole family. Anyone with good boots can get to the spring. Grodkällan (the frog spring) or Tsuobbuojája as it is called in Sami is a large natural spring (15m diameter, at least 3m deep) located in the middle of Slengmyran near the village Lomträsk.

The path takes you the 600 meters out on the bog and to the spring. Parts of the path is equipped with footbridges. Once there, you can have the coffee you brought. There is a prepared fire place and a windbreak.

The cold spring is a so-called artesian or boiling spring where the water has a very high pressure, and through the clear water you can see how it bubbles where it penetrates the bottom. The most striking thing about the spring, however, is the distinctive turquoise color that contrasts sharply with the surrounding bog.

The Solander Trail

The Solander Trail is an innovative hiking trail in northern coastal Sweden. The trail is 220 kilometers long between its starting points in Luleå in the north and Piteå in the south.

The trail was named after our local explorer Daniel Solander - bothanist and pupil of Carl von Linneaus - that became Sweden first circumnavigator. Our mission is to inspire our visitors as well as locals to explore all the amazing nature, culture, activities and sights available along the trail.

Come hike on the Solander Trail - an adventure is waiting for you!

Photo: Nordik Way

Dog sled

Get to know our team of Greenlanders and Alaskan Malamutes. Get a privileged experience while you discover this lifestyle in the boreal environment. You get to know the dogs in the team, participate in their care and training. You quickly learn the names of the dogs in the team.

Standing on the sled, you get a fantastic experience of driving your own sled team in the magical landscape of the Far North! We cover about 30 to 50 kilometers, which corresponds to 4 to 6 hours of sledding per day. You will experience intense sensations of silence thanks to these exceptional snow runners!

After a picnic around the fire, we go again to explore this magnificent nature. The landscape varies: hills, large bogs, rivers, taiga and the large frozen lakes in Swedish Lapland.

Photo: Essence of Lapland

Taste shows and herb classes

Eva Gunnare is recognized locally as well as nationally and internationally for her taste performances, herb classes and guided tours. She is passionate about conveying in a personal way the knowledge and experiences she has gained during her more than 30 years here in the north.

Experience Jokkmokk and the Arctic with all your senses by taking part of Essense of Lapland’s taste shows, guided flavor tours and treasure hunts. All served in a personal, informative and tasty way of culture and culinary guide and forager Eva Gunnare.

Eva is located in Jokkmokk. Get in contact with her to book your experience!

Visit Älvsby kyrka

The church is open for visits and personal contemplation between 08.00-20.00 every day during summer.

Public worship is celebrated every sunday at 11.00.

Weekly service is celebrated wednesdays at 18.30.

Music in the summer night

Almost every thursday during summer, there is music performances taking place. Come and listen to the church's choir, booked guests or local artists. Always for free. 

Photo: Älvsby kyrkstad

Älvsby kyrkstad

Today there are 32 cottages and three stables at the area of the church town. What is unique for Älvsby kyrkstad are the well preserved stables and the large church cottages. Some of the cottages holds up to eight rooms distributed over two floors.

Welcome to travel in time at a peaceful place. Have a walk in the surroundings or participate in the church town life digitally.

By clicking a house number you can take part of unique environments from past to present. All of the cottages and rooms are private owned and carries its own history and culture.


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